No need for a receptacle:



Thin panels Clamped together that resist shear loads.


Hex-Recess version

Ergonomic knob


  • Design for easy operation

  • made fully in Stainless steel = corrosion resitant

  • tolerance eater version available: Not every plate is exact and typically is delivered with a tolerance of 5% on it’s thickness, add the plating or paint and you quickly have issues.

Audible click


  • When the turn-grip is closed you feel and hear it's firmly into it's position.

  • avoid accidental opening due to vibration

  • fastener is secured as it snaps into place

  • Anti-leak, sealed version available.

producted patented 30 April 2023 under patent request number: 2023/5352
title: Sluiting voor het connecteren van werkstukken